Hack 99: Access Unavailable Websites via Google


Level Easy

Platform Web

Cost Free

难易程序 简单

实现平台 网络

是否免费 是

Websites go offline. They move, occasionally suffer from temporary unavailability or errors, or become slow to respond because of technical difficulties or a period of high user demand. Some websites may not be reachable from your particular Internet connection or network. In those cases, when you need the information right away, you need a mirror of that website’s content.


Unless a site explicitly denies it, Google creates a full copy of a site’s pages on its servers. When you do a Google search, you can notice that there are light blue links on the bottom right of each result. One of these — the Cached link — is the doorway to Google’s copy of a site.

Google对所有它索引了的网站都建立了相应的备份,除非有些网站明令禁止这样做。当你搜索的时候,你会看到所有的搜索链接下面都有一个the cached link,这个链接就可以进入Google的备份文件。

For example, if is down (although that never happens!)  But you need the article published there about creating a DVD photo slideshow for Mom’s birthday tomorrow, you can execute a Google search to find that article (site: DVD photo slideshow). The results will look something like Figure 10-18; click the Cached link to see the article that you need, courtesy of Google.

例如,如果LifeHacker.com这个网站挂掉了(虽然这是不可能发生的事),但是你又想在它里面找一些文件。你就可以在Google里面搜索这个文件(例如 DVD).搜索结果如图10-18,这时,点击the cached link。就可以看到相关的文件了。

Figure 10-18: Search results with Cached links to view Google’s copy of those web pages.



Alternatively, you can simply view Google’s copy of a site’s front page by using the cache: operator. That is, simply search for cache:


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