Hack 98: Set Multiple Sites as Your Home Page


Level Easy

难易程度 简单

Platform All (with Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 7+)

实现平台 几乎所有的浏览器平台

Cost Free

是否免费 是

The advent of tabbed browsing enables web surfers to work with sets of pages rather than individual websites. You can set several web pages as your home page in tabbed browsers (such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7) and bookmark and open sets of tabs.


Multitab Homepage


Say, for example, that when you launch your web browser, you look at three sites first thing: your Google Reader subscriptions, your Gmail account, and CNN. To make your three regular morning reads open automatically when you launch Firefox or IE7, set them as your home page.

例如,每次你打开浏览器,你都会打开Google Reader,Gmail和CNN。为了简化这一过程,你可以将这三个网页都设置成你的主页。


To set multiple home pages in Firefox, follow these steps:


1. Choose Firefox ⇒ Options ⇒ General.

1. 打开选项,一般设置

2. In the Location(s) field of the Home Page section, enter the addresses of the sites separated by a pipe (|), as shown in Figure 10-15.

2. 在设置主页的区域输入你想要打开的所有网站,中间用|隔开。

3. Alternatively, you can open all the web pages in tabs and then click the Use Current Pages button below the Location(s) field, also shown in Figure 10-15.

3. 或者,你可以打开那几个你想到打开的网页,然后点击使用该网页作为主页。如图10-15.

Figure 10-15: Separate multiple URLs with a pipe (|).

图10-15: 用|把网址隔开



To do the same thing in Chrome, perform the following:


1. Click the Wrench button ⇒ Options (Preferences on OS X).

1. 点击设置,选项

2. In the On startup section, select Open the Following Pages, and click the Add button to add as many sites as you like, as shown in Figure 10-16.

2. 在起始页选择界面,打开你需要打开的网页,点击添加按钮,如图10-16.

3. As with Firefox, you can also open all the pages you want in tabs and click the Use Current Pages button, also shown in Figure 10-16.

3. 你也可以把这些网页都打开,然后点击使用该页作为主页。

Figure 10-16: Add startup pages to Chrome by clicking the Add button.



Internet Explorer 7+

Internet Explorer 7 and above also support multiple tabbed home pages. To set them, do the following:


1. Choose Tools ⇒ Internet Options.

1. 选择工具,Internet选项

2. In the General tab, enter the URL of each page on its own line (not separated by a | as in Firefox).

2. 在一般设置里面输入你要打开的网站,以换行区分

3. Alternatively, you can open the pages in tabs and click the Use Current button.

3. 或者也可以打开所有网页,点击作为主页。

Bookmark Sets of Tabs


You can also save and open sets of tabs. For example, say you’re working on a research project for the next few months. The project involves a company Intranet web page, an external client login page, and a weblog that you and your teammates use to keep each other updated. You can save this set of pages and easily launch them with a click when it’s time to work on the report.


To bookmark a set of tabs in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer,  open and bookmark each page in a separate tab and save them all into a dedicated  bookmarks folder. The process varies slightly by browser, but most have agreed on using a Star button to signify bookmarks and favorites.


Open a Set of Tabs


After you save your set of tabs, you can launch all those pages with one click in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9.


In Firefox and Internet Explorer, click the bookmark folder you want to open and select Open All in Tabs (Firefox) or Open in Tabs (Internet Explorer 9).


Figure 10-17: Open a folder of bookmarks all at one time in Chrome.




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