Hack 95: Get 10 Useful Bookmarklets


Level Easy

难易程度 简单

Platform All

平台 所有平台

Cost Free

是否免费 是

A bookmarklet is a snippet of JavaScript that you can bookmark (or save as a favorite) on your web browser’s bookmark toolbar. Bookmarklets can enhance web pages, add special functionality, and make your browsing experience much more efficient by offering one-click access to useful tools.


The following ten bookmarklets can streamline work in your browser.  Access them at


Acronym lookup: LOL, RTFM, YMMV, AFAIK! If you stumble upon one of those nutty Internet-speak acronyms online, highlight it, click this bookmarklet, and Acronym Finder automatically looks it up.


Translate text: What do you do when you stumble across a web page that’s definitely saying something you want to know, except it’s in a language you don’t speak? You translate it, of course.  This bookmarklet runs a web page through Google’s translation service, which automatically detects the language of the page and translates it to English.


NOTE When it comes to translating language, machines never do as clear and correct a job as humans, but automated translations can give you the main idea. Google Chrome already has automatic translation tools built in, so Chrome users can skip this one.

注意 一般来说这种翻译是存在许多错误的,所以只能看大意。另外,Chrome浏览器自带自动翻译的功能,所以Chrome的用户可以跳过。

Urban Dictionary lookup: Similar to the acronym lookup, this bookmarklet looks up selected text on a web page in the Urban Dictionary, the collaboratively edited slang dictionary. Cool beans.

查找词典:跟同义词查找差不多,只是它会在Urban Dictionary里面查找。

Wikipedia lookup: Highlight text on any web page and perform a Wikipedia search.


Alexa site profile: View traffic stats and charts, related sites, and inbound links to any website you’re currently viewing using Alexa’s profile page.


Delicious linkbacks: See which Delicious users bookmarked a web page and what Delicious tags they assigned to it with one click.


View cookies: Cookies are small text files that websites plant on your hard drive to save the state of things, track where you have been on that site, or keep you logged in. Check out all the cookies a site has set for you with this bookmarklet.


Toss cookies: When you see all the cookies a site has set for you, you may want to discard them using this  bookmarklet.


WARNING many sites may not work the way you expect without the cookies they set, and this bookmarklet dumps all the cookies, not selected ones.

提示:许多网站需要cookies才能工作,所以清除的时候要注意这一点。 Sometimes web page URLs are just too long to easily remember or type. Sometimes you want to email a web page address and it’s so lengthy that it wraps around in the message, rendering it unclickable. That’s where Google’s comes in. Go to any web page with an extra-long address and hit up this bookmarklet to create a shrunken URL for emailing, IMing, and sharing without the wrap.


View passwords: You know when you’re typing a password into a web page form, and it’s displayed as *******, and when you try to log in you’re told the password is incorrect? Double-check what you’ve typed with this bookmarklet, which reveals the contents of a password field. This bookmarklet is secure and client-side, so no worries about revealing your password to evildoers. It’s just an easy way to verify that you didn’t accidentally press that pesky Caps Lock key.


To install a bookmarklet, drag and drop the link that contains the JavaScript to your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar.


If this toolbar is not visible in your web browser, enable it: In Firefox, choose View ⇒ Toolbars and select Bookmarks. In Chrome, select View ⇒ Always Show Bookmarks Bar. In Internet Explorer, choose View ⇒ Toolbars, and select Favorites Bar.



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