Hack 93: Extend Your Web Browser


Level Medium

难易程度 中等

Platform All (Firefox/Chrome)

平台 所有平台(Firefox/Chrome)

Cost Free

是否免费 是

The best feature of web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome is their openness: these browsers are built so that anyone can write a feature-adding extension for it. As a result, developers all over the world have made thousands of plugins available to enhance and streamline the way you use your browser.


Several of these Hacks exemplify how browser add-ons can extend the  functionality of your browser, including Hack 15, “Securely Track Your Passwords,”  Hack 39, “Limit Visits to Time-Wasting Websites,” Hack 56, “Bypass Free Site  Registration with Augment,” and Hack 118, “Keep Your Web Browser in Sync Across  Computers.” This hack discusses in more detail how to find and install some of the best feature-enhancing browser add-ons with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome: two free, modern browsers that work on all operating systems with impressive extension support


How to Install a Firefox Extension


In this example you install the excellent Web of Trust Firefox extension, which helps you identify websites you can trust and sites you shouldn’t.  Here’s what to do:

下面举例说明如何安装Firefox的Web of Trust扩展程序,它能帮你鉴别网站的安全性,步骤如下:

1. Using Firefox, click the Add to Firefox button on the Web of Trust extension home page at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wot-safe-browsing-tool, and then from the dialog box, click the Install button.

1. 打开Firefox,到Firefox的扩展程序选择界面找到Web of Trust扩展(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wot-safe-browsing-tool),点击安装到Firefox按钮,这里会弹出一个确认栏,点击确认按钮。

2. Firefox downloads and installs the extension and then prompts you to restart. Click Restart Firefox to complete the installation and enable the new extension.

2. Firefox会下载并安装这个扩展,完成之后,系统会提示重启后进入。关闭并重新启动Firefox后,就可以激活这个扩展程序了。

3. When Firefox starts up again, Web of Trust prompts you to accept its terms of service and then to select your protection setting (Basic, Light, or Parental Control). You’ll also notice a new button in your toolbar that displays as red, yellow, or green, depending on the trustworthiness of the site you visit. (Green is good; red is bad.) Click it to display details for that site’s trust rating.

3. 重启后,这个扩展程序会弹出一个窗口,让你对扩展程序进行设置。设置好之后,当你浏览网页的时候下面应付出现各种颜色的条(绿色是安全,红色是不安全)。

NOTE If you’re installing an  extension from anywhere except Firefox’s official add-ons site, Firefox may  display a message across the top of the page that reads, Firefox Prevented This  Site from Asking You to Install Software on Your Computer. To install extensions hosted on non-official Mozilla sites, click the Allow button for the site address. Keep in mind, however, that Firefox extensions from unverified sites can include malware, so only allow extension installation when you trust the publisher. Mozilla Add-ons verifies and tests all the extensions it hosts before publishing them.

注意 如果你安装的扩展程序不是来自于Firefox的官方网站的话,那么安装的时候就会弹出警告。这里,你只需在弹出的窗口里面确认安装就可以了。但是,非官方的扩展程序可能存在安全隐患。

Not all extensions work the same way. When your new extension is installed, it may not be obvious what it does or how it works. If you don’t see changes to Firefox’s buttons, toolbars, or menus, follow these steps:


1. Choose Tools ⇒ Add-ons to open Firefox’s Add-ons Manager dialog, as shown in Figure 10-7.

1. 选择工具选项⇒扩展程序,这样就可以打开Firefox的扩展程序管理窗口,如图10-7.

Figure 10-7: Change an extension’s preferences and learn more about your installed extensions in the Extensions section of the Add-ons dialog.



2. From your list of installed extensions, you can right-click one and choose Visit Homepage to read the extension’s instructions and, often, view screenshots of it in action. The Preferences menu item usually enables you to configure the extension as well.

2. 在扩展程序列表上任选一个扩展程序右键选择访问相关网站就可以看到该扩展程序的介绍。你还可以通过偏好选项来设置扩展程序的一些属性。

NOTE As with all good software, Firefox is a work in progress, so new versions of it are regularly released, which means extensions have to keep up. At the time of this writing, Firefox 4.0 is the latest release. If you upgrade Firefox soon after the new release comes out, chances are that some of your extensions will be disabled because they haven’t yet been updated for the new version. Go to the Add-ons Manager (choose Firefox ⇒ Add-ons) to update your extension versions (click the Cog button and then select Check for Updates).

注意 Firefox及其扩展程序都是经常更新的,在本文发布时,Firefox4.0是最新的版本。如果你更新的你的浏览器,那么有可能你原来所安装的扩展程序会失效。这时,你可以到扩展程序管理窗口去更新你所安装的扩展程序。

How to Install a Chrome Extension


In this example you install the BugMeNot Chrome extension, which enables you to bypass compulsory website registration at free-to-use sites, as discussed in Hack 56, “Bypass Free Site Registration with BugMeNot.” Here’s what to do:


1. Using Chrome, clicks the Install button on the BugMeNot extension home page at http://tinyurl.com/28q7val, and then from the dialog box, clicks Install.

1. 用Chrome访问http://tinyurl.com/28q7val,找到BugMeNot这个扩展程序,点击安装到Chrome

2. Chrome downloads and installs the extension. Unlike Firefox, Chrome doesn’t require you to restart the browser to complete the installation.

2. Chrome会自动下载和安装这个扩展程序,安装完后直接就可以使用了,不需要重启。

3. When installed, BugMeNot adds a button to Chrome’s address bar that, when clicked, enables BugMeNot to auto-log into a site you’re visiting, so you can avoid creating a new account if you’re not interested in doing so.


NOTE If you install an extension  from anywhere except Google’s official add-ons site, Chrome may display a  message across the bottom of your browser that reads, Extensions, Apps, and  Themes Can Harm Your Computer. Are You Sure You Want to Continue? To install extensions hosted on nonofficial sites, click the Continue button. Keep in mind, however, that extensions from unverified sites can include malware, so only allow extension installation when you trust the publisher.

注意 如果你安装的扩展程序不是来自于Google的官方网页,那么在安装的时候就会出现警告窗口,这里只要点击确认就可以了。但非官方的扩展可能会带来安全问题。

One Chrome extension works differently from another and if you’re not sure what a new extension does or how it works, follow these steps:


1. Click the Wrench menu; then choose Tools ⇒ Extensions to open Chrome’s Extensions dialog. (You can also type chrome: //extensions into Chrome’s address bar.)


2. From your list of installed extensions, click an extension title to open its home page, read more about it, and view screenshots of it in action. If the extension has configurable options, click the Options link to open its Options dialog. If your extension installs in Chrome’s toolbar, you can also access these options by right-clicking its button, as shown in Figure 10-8.


Figure 10-8: Access and change an extension’s options.



Recommended Firefox and Chrome Extensions


New versions of Chrome and Firefox are released often, so the types and availability of extensions for the version you run may vary. That said, the following table describes some examples of browser-enhancing extensions (for both Firefox and Chrome, when possible).


Extension Description
Adblock Plus (Firefox and Chrome):  http://adblockplus.org/en Block banner advertisements from all or certain  websites with Adblock.
Tab Mix Plus (Firefox):  https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1122 Enhance Firefox’s tab behavior with an unread tab  style and a Close button on each individual tab.
BugMeNot (Firefox and Chrome):  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6349 and
Route around free website registration and sign-ins  with this community database of auto-filled usernames and passwords.  (See Hack 56, “Bypass Free Site Registration with BugMeNot.”)
DownThemAll! (Firefox):  http://downthemall.net Easily download all the files linked to a web page,  pause and resume large file downloads, and increase speed and download  performance. (See the following hack, “Supercharge Your Firefox  Downloads with DownThemAll!”)
URL Shorteners: Cutyfox (Firefox):
goo.gl URL Shortener (Chrome):
Convert long website addresses into short, more  email-friendly URLs. (See Hack 3, “Craft Effective Messages.”)
Auto Copy (Firefox and Chrome):  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/autocopy and  http://tinyurl.com/3eb7hge Bypass Ctrl+C and just select text on a web page to  automatically add it to the Clipboard. (Great for researchers, bloggers,  and writers who quote web pages often.)
Greasemonkey (Firefox):  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey Customize web pages to your liking with JavaScript  that can change the look and functionality of websites. Note: Chrome  natively supports user scripts — no extension necessary.
Xmarks (Firefox and Chrome):  http://download.xmarks.com/download Synchronize your Firefox bookmarks across several  computers.
LastPass (Firefox and Chrome):  https://lastpass.com/misc_download.php Synchronize, manage, and secure passwords across  several computers. (See Hack 15, “Securely Track Your Passwords.”)
PriceBlink (Firefox and Chrome):  www.priceblink.com/get-add-on Build comparison shopping into your browsers, which  notify you when a product you view is available on another site for  less.

Be sure to visit the Firefox extension home base at https://addons.mozilla.org or the Chrome extensions home page at https://chrome.google.com/extensions/ to find the most up-to-date extension recommendations and top downloads.


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