Hack 26:   Set Up a Morning Dash

第26招: 建立一个晨间冲刺

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You love the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you feel when you check off an item on your to-do list as done, completed, out the door, in the can. But so many things can keep you from getting to that moment, from unexpected emergencies to long and dragged-out meetings to getting waylaid by a  conversation with a co-worker in the hallway.


Although those spontaneous gear shifts are necessary and will inevitably  happen, there is one way to ensure that you’ll knock at least one task off your  list: dedicate the first hour of your day to your most important task —  before you check your email, listen to your voicemail, or  go to any meetings.


Get One Thing Done First


Author of Never Check Email in the Morning Julie Morgenstern suggests spending the first hour of your workday email-free. Choose one task — even a small one — and tackle it first thing.  Accomplishing something out of the gate sets the tone for the rest of your day and guarantees that no matter how many fires you’re tasked with putting out once you’ve opened your email client, you  still can say that you got something done. When you’re open for business and paying attention to incoming requests, it’s too easy to get swept away into the craziness. So get your day started off on the right foot, with just one thing done.

《永远不要在早上确认邮件》的作者Julie Morgenstern建议你工作日的第一个小时不要去碰邮件(译者注:国内好像邮件没那么重要)。选择一个任务——即使是一个很小的任务——然后视它为头等大事。从一开始就把某件事情完成奠定了你整个一天的基调,那样即便当你打开邮件后发现你要到处救火,你仍然可以保证,你可以对自己说你今天完成了一件事情。当你全情投入工作、问题纷至沓来的时候,很容易就手忙脚乱了。所以用正确的方式开始你的一天,用完成一件事情的方式。

Morgenstern writes, “Change the rhythm of the workday by starting out with your own drumbeat…. When you devote your first hour to concentrated work — a dash — the day starts with  you in charge of  it rather than the other way around. It’s a bold statement to the world (and yourself) that you can take control, pull away from the frenetic  pace, and create the time for quiet work when you need it. In reality, if you don’t  consciously create the space for the dashes, they won’t get done.”6


To work this hack, you have to set yourself up for your morning dash.


Park on a Downward Slope


The point of this technique is to remove any thought or  planning from your first action of the day so that you can get rolling immediately  while you’re fresh and not distracted by incoming requests. That means you have to choose and gather your materials for the morning dash the evening before.


Near the end of each workday, as you straighten up your desk and get  ready to leave the office, decide on the next morning’s most important task. Make  sure it’s small, achievable, and important. That point is critical: to successfully  set yourself up for the next morning’s dash, you want to choose the smallest and  most doable to-do item that still matters.


Keep in mind that much of your work may be dependent on information stored in your email inbox. (I’ve worked this trick in earnest, only to find that during my dash, I had to open my email to retrieve information, and that bold number of unread messages threatened my focus and concentration.) The key is to set yourself up the night before with all the information you need to get your dash completed the next morning. Put all the materials you need to complete the task in a first thing folder on your desktop or taskbar.


Write down your small, doable assignment, and place it somewhere you  will see it, even if it’s a Post-It note on your keyboard. When you arrive the next  morning, that’s the first thing you’re going to do — no matter what.


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