Hack 101: Clear Your Web Browsing Tracks 第101招:清除浏览记录 Level Easy Platform All (with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) Cost Free 难易程序 简单 实现平台 所有平台 是否免费 是 Your web browser saves a lot of information about where you go and what you do online while you’re surfing the Web. The sites you visit, copies of the images and text you view, cookies, and information you type into form fields (such as username and password or your mailing address


Hack 100: Have a Say in What Google Says About You 第100招:如何让Google能够搜索到与你相关的信息 Level Medium Platform Web Cost Starting at $10 a month 难易程序 一般 实现平台 网络 是否免费 否,最少10美元一个月 Someone out there’s trying to find information about you right now, whether it’s a potential employer, a date, or a long-lost friend. What happens when she Googles you? 如果有人想招聘员工,或者想找男朋友,而你又正是合适人选。那么怎么让他能够在Google的时候找到你呢? More than half the time, she’ll get informatio


Hack 99: Access Unavailable Websites via Google 第99招:利用Google进入已经注销的网站 Level Easy Platform Web Cost Free 难易程序 简单 实现平台 网络 是否免费 是 Websites go offline. They move, occasionally suffer from temporary unavailability or errors, or become slow to respond because of technical difficulties or a period of high user demand. Some websites may not be reachable from your particular Internet connection or network. In those cases, when you need the info


Hack 98: Set Multiple Sites as Your Home Page 第98招:设定多个主页 Level Easy 难易程度 简单 Platform All (with Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 7+) 实现平台 几乎所有的浏览器平台 Cost Free 是否免费 是 The advent of tabbed browsing enables web surfers to work with sets of pages rather than individual websites. You can set several web pages as your home page in tabbed browsers (such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7) and bookmark and open sets of tabs. 选项卡浏览方式的出现让


Hack 97: Get Your Data on a Map 第97招:在Google地图上找到你想要的数据 Level Easy 难易程序 简单 Platform Web 实现平台 网络 Cost Free 是否免费 是 The launch of Google Maps (, the search engine’s online geographical mapping application, ushered in a revolution in visualizing location-based data. Not only do Google Maps’ built-in features help you find establishments, addresses, and driving directions, but Google opened its maps interface to third-


Hack 96: Find Reusable Media Online 第96招:找到可以利用的媒体 Level Easy 难易程序 简单 Platform Web 实现平台 网络 Cost Free 是否免费 是 You’re designing a new brochure, PowerPoint presentation, website, or flyer, and you need the right image to use with it fast. Put your hands in the air and step away from the cheesy clip art. Thanks to organizations such as Creative Commons, licenses such as the GNU Free Documentation License, and the public domain, there are ton


Hack 27:   Map Your Time 第27招:  映射你的时间   Level         Easy Platform    All (with a spreadsheet or calendaring program) Cost          Free 级别              简单 平台              全平台(需要一个excel或日历软件配合) 费用              免费 The busy person’s perennial question is, “Where did the day go?” It’s easy to get tossed from one thing to the next like a piece of driftwood caught in the tide of your crazy life. A thousand things compete for your time and


Hack 95: Get 10 Useful Bookmarklets 第95招:10个有用的书签栏工具 Level Easy 难易程度 简单 Platform All 平台 所有平台 Cost Free 是否免费 是 A bookmarklet is a snippet of JavaScript that you can bookmark (or save as a favorite) on your web browser’s bookmark toolbar. Bookmarklets can enhance web pages, add special functionality, and make your browsing experience much more efficient by offering one-click access to useful tools. 书签栏工具是放在书签栏里面的快捷方式,可以让你快速的实现某些功能或者访问某


Hack 94: Supercharge Your Firefox Downloads with DownThemAll! 第94招:用DownThemAll为你的Firefox下载加速 Level Advanced 难易程序 难 Platform All (with Firefox) 平台 Firefox Cost Free 是否免费 是 When it comes to heavy-duty download jobs, your web browser’s default downloads manager just doesn’t cut it. If you need closer control of multiple, large downloads, you need the DownThemAll! Firefox extension (also known as data). This extra-strength download manager


Hack 93: Extend Your Web Browser 第93招:结浏览器安装扩展程序 Level Medium 难易程度 中等 Platform All (Firefox/Chrome) 平台 所有平台(Firefox/Chrome) Cost Free 是否免费 是 The best feature of web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome is their openness: these browsers are built so that anyone can write a feature-adding extension for it. As a result, developers all over the world have made thousands of plugins available to enhance and streamline the way you use your brow